Heights Platform



  • Create &/or Enroll a student
  • Grant a role to a student
  • Revoke a course
  • Revoke a role from student
  • Unenroll a student
Setup Link
Create your own learning platform with ease. Build and sell brilliant online courses and digital products . Then use SyncSpider to automate enrollments, revocations as well as giving out of roles to students. For some calls "course_id" field is optional so you can for instance leave it out to simply create a student without enrolling them. Use revoke when your course is sold separately or you simply want to hide part of the course for a period. Which you do by revoking access for the student while keeping them enrolled. Unenrolled student are kept on the Incomplete enrollment page. Users on this page have abandoned checkout before completing the payment process or have been unenrolled by admin. They cannot yet access your program until completing payment.
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