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Release notes, Week 25

Hi everyone, another great week behind us!

As usual we have made more improvements over the week. We done some more work on the WooCommerce, Magento 2, RitaBoss, Shopify integrations as well as our Core.

As always, let us know what new integrations you think would be useful on our website and have a great week lady's and gentleman.

Release notes, Week 19

Hi everyone, we have some more great improvements to share today!

We have done some improvements to our core as well as the Sharefile, ITscope, WooCommerce, Shopify and eBay integrations and focused on fixing reported bugs for GoogleDrive, Wordpress, BMEcat and eBay.

We have also added new features for eBay and Sharefile.

How To Brand Your eCommerce business?

There are a number of ways branding can help you stand tall over your competitors.

To understand the importance of graphic design for your eCommerce site picture this. What happens when someone visits your site for the first time? They see how it looks.

That’s the first thing they notice- the site’s design. And it forms an impression. Whether they leave with a good impression or bad, the choice is yours to make.
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