release notes

Release notes, Week 17, 16, 15 & 14

Hi everyone, we have some great news to share today!

We have added two big integration modules to our list – we are growing 🙂 Adding eBay & Google Drive today!!!

Of course, a lot more has been done in the previous 3 weeks, we have ready Etsy, LinkedIn, Google Calendar, Google email – but, still waiting on their approvals :/ if you know someone, please ping us!

Release notes, Week 9

The past week in SyncSpider was all about our core Improvements, extending the functionality of our existing module, and improving the UI/UX.

Next to that, 3 of our developers are still developing new modules which should go live in this or at the beginning of the next week.

Check out what was pushed live last week:

Release notes, Week 8

This week's report is quite similar to the last one, we are still working on some demanding integrations which will take a few more weeks to finish.

So, last week we have only pushed 1 new integration module. But this module will give you great option guys

Check out our new External API module!!!
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