Release notes, 16.03.2020

    Table of Contents Release notes, Week 10 – 2020ImprovementsAdded better auto-mapCustom API ExternalApiWooCommerceRitaBosseHotfix Release notes, Week 10 – 2020 Improvements Added better auto-map -Fixed styles for rule popups and select box. Custom API  -Added file uploads ExternalApi  -Added support multipleValue for text fields WooCommerce  -Fixed default catalog visibility value  -Fixed styles and remove unnecessary titles …

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Release notes 09.03.2020

Table of Contents Release notes, Week 9 – 2020ImprovementUI/UXExternal APIMailChimpOdooWebHooksExtending existing integration modulesWooCommerceRitaBoseActiveCampaign Release notes, Week 9 – 2020 Past week in SyncSpider was all about our core Improvements, extending our existing modules functionality and improving the UI/UX. Next to that, 3 of our developers are still developing new modules which should go live in …

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Release notes, 10.02.2020

Table of Contents Release notes, Week 5 – 2020 New integration moduleSLACKStripeData to import:Data to exportMauticActive chatPipedrive HyperiseOdus ImprovementsUI/UX Edit tasks more easily Edit integrations more easilyImproving the flowOdooAmazonHot FixCoreTrello Release notes, Week 5 – 2020  What a week! 7 New integration modules released and a bunch of  UI/UX  and feature improvements! Scroll down and check our efforts, and let …

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WordPress Integration – How and Why?

WordPress is one of the most popular software for creating websites in the world. This content management system is the platform for more than 455,000,000 (that’s a lot of zeros there!:) ) Due to its flexibility and simplicity, it can be used for many different purposes. You can create blogs, portfolios, business sites eCommerce stores – …

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