Month: December 2019

How To Brand Your eCommerce business?

There are a number of ways branding can help you stand tall over your competitors.

To understand the importance of graphic design for your eCommerce site picture this. What happens when someone visits your site for the first time? They see how it looks.

That’s the first thing they notice- the site’s design. And it forms an impression. Whether they leave with a good impression or bad, the choice is yours to make.

Integrations: All you need to know

Your eCommerce business is growing. The number of leads and customers is increasing constantly. All that sounds perfect!

It is quite understandable that you use many platforms and applications for the promotion and selling of your products or services. Furthermore, this means that you get a lot of information about your customers and products daily.

At some point, you realize that the scope of your daily tasks is expanding and they are taking more and more time every day. The challenge is how to synchronize all data without wasting hours and days on boring and demanding tasks.
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